Grain Drying Shed

Rakaia, New Zealand

The owners of Somerton Station approached Geoff Read Ltd to develop a design and Construct solution to expand their grain drying and storage capacity on their Mid-Canterbury Farm. The facility needed to provide two 6m x 20m bays that could store and dry grains upto 3.5m as well as two 7m x 20m bays that could store grains upto 3.5m and a separate bay for storage of Spraying equipment. It was important to the client that their large trailers could be backed into the shed and tilted to unload their contents rather than needing to empty their load outside of the shed. it was also important that there were no items sticking out from the walls that could be impacted during loading and unloading. The final solution included a pre-cast panels to 3.5m with a steel structure supported off the panels which extended to 8m at the Apex. Roller doors were installed full width to each of the bays which extended 5.8m above slab level. It was a technical challenge to install the roller doors full width with only 150mm (the width of a precast panel) between the doors and the end result eliminates the potential for the doors to be ripped out during operation.

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